Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 30: Seeing into the Future

Ever since I was accepted as an Acumen Fund Fellow, I have wondered where on earth I was going to be placed. As the days have gotten closer to September 2nd, I have been on pins and needles waiting for the clouds to clear. Several weeks ago, I got some clarity after reading Greg Mortenson’s book, “Three Cups of Tea.” The book discusses Greg’s adventures building schools in some of the most remote areas of Pakistan. After reading the book, I got this deep sense that God was going to send me to Pakistan. Today, I got the news that I will indeed be placed in Pakistan and working on a Micro-health insurance initiative.

I must confess that I have truly brought my parents through the ringer over the years with all my adventures abroad. Costa Rica, Latin America, Africa, Turkey, Jordan, Honduras, and now Pakistan. It is certainly easier to leave than be left behind. My dad’s usual response is “It’s dangerous there!” without even knowing much about the destination. This time, it is true, but I have faith that the Lord will keep me safe. Ironically, my father responded in a much more subdued fashion this time. It’s probably part shock, part faith, and part growing accustomed to my travels. It is truly comforting to know that I have a loving family who is praying for me and supporting me back home. Certainly the next 12 months will be a great adventure!

Joel Montgomery

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