Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 25: Socially Oriented Graphic Arts

Today, I had a lunch meeting with Espectro Ganzua, the socially oriented graphic arts company. We made some major breakthroughs in terms of further defining their strategy. One of the ideas that came out of the meeting was the concept of offering a service to clients in order to measure the true need of a social campaign. Most companies have market research down, but they don’t know where to begin when conducting a social campaign. Is the message that they are trying to communicate really necessary? Does the public already understand all or part of the message? By offering this service, Espectro Ganzua would be able to partner with sociologists to actually measure these types of questions within the community, thereby enabling the client to make a more informed decision all the while helping the creative team to refine the campaign to the realities of the market. Certainly the idea needs to be explored directly with potential clients, but I like how the group is starting to think outside the box.

The other major area that we discussed in our meeting was the difficulty of forecasting numbers. I suggested that they break up their projected growth into phases and estimate how many clients, workers, equipment, etc. they would need to enter each phase. They could then use this information to fill in the gaps from where they are currently and ultimately put a time frame around each growth phase. The team is moving along and I am hopeful that the hard work they are putting into the business plan process will produce fruit.

Joel Montgomery

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