Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 9: Typical Day?

Today I met Salvador and Juan Jose, two members of Creative Associates International, who are the regional coordinators of the USAID-SICA funded project, Regional Youth Alliance (Alianza Joven Regional) . The project seeks to prevent youth from entering gangs and helps those who have left the gang life behind. CJM is receiving some support from this project.

After bringing Salvador and Juan Jose up to speed on my work with CJM, we attended an unveiling ceremony of a mural that was painted by former gang members as a critique of the vastly different lives of rich and poor in San Pedro Sula. The mural is located on the central avenue, for all to see. During the celebration, there were dancers and live music.

For lunch, we headed to a typical Honduran restaurant called Power Chicken. Ever since I arrived in San Pedro, everyone has raved about it and I must confess that all the hype is not in vain. I ate chicken, steak, arroz chino, platanos maduros and washed it all down with a tall glass of horchata.

During the evening, I attended a Rotary Club meeting at the Hotel Copantl. What impressed me most was to hear the chorus of booming bass voices belt out the National Anthem with pride and love for their country.

Joel Montgomery

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