Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 6: On to the Soccer Fields We Go

During Saturday afternoon, Jesus and I headed to the outskirts of San Pedro Sula for a soccer match. The match was held next to a center called “Feed the Children,” where a lot of street kids are receiving help. When we arrived, the younger kids were already playing on the oddly shaped field, dotted with water-filled potholes. Most of the locals were playing without shoes, while the visiting team had orange uniforms and nice soccer cleats. We sat under the shade with a nice breeze to cool our faces. Suddenly, out of nowhere, appeared a 10-year old kid with bright eyes that said “Hello, how are jou” (In Honduras, “y” is pronounced as a “j,” so many people learning English have trouble with pronunciation). Little Misiel and I conversed for a bit and I later learned that he had been a street kid as well and had no idea who his mother was. I can only imagine that this child has gone through more than his fair share of tragedy and yet he is so young.

After the young kids finished their game, I got to play with the older group. I am certainly no expert, but I played reasonably well against these players who have been football fans since they were three or four. Our team won 4-1.

Joel Montgomery

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CharBar137 said...

Hey Joel,
It is so exciting to hear about your work in Honduras. You have not been there long, but the experiences are really amazing. Your soccer match there sounds worlds away from Fenerbahce, but at the same time fans are fans no matter where you are. It definitely seems like you have your work cut out for you, but I am sure it is nothing you can not handle. Take care and keep the blogs coming =)
God bless!