Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Wind

For many years the vessel sailed in gentle seas, a light breeze guiding the way. The sailors enjoyed nice ports in the Americas but seldom ventured further. One day, a great storm approached, accompanied by strong winds that the vessels’ sails had never seen in these warm Atlantic waters. The captain pondered if he should stow the sail and ride out the storm or run downwind at the mercy of the gale. The lines grew taut, the knots shrank, but the tackle held. Never had anyone on the boat traveled at such speeds. Fear filled their minds but soon fear was replaced by amusement and amusement replaced by joy. The strange winds took the sailors to far off places few ever imagined. The mysterious force would stop as quickly as it started, usually not far from a harbor in which to rest. After disembarking the crew would explore the new locale, taste exotic foods, and befriend the locals. Inevitably in each port of call, the crew would find some way to use the skills from their country to help the local inhabitants. In return, they would gain new insights into the world and hone their own abilities, constantly learning from their new friends. As quickly as it had stopped, the mysterious wind would pick up and the sailors would know that it was time to return to their beckoning ship. Once on board, the force would whisk them away to another land. Now in every journey, they would pass by deserted islands and crystal blue waters. Some of the sailors would ask, “Why don’t we explore that ile, for it seems a perfect spot to rest our souls.” But the captain knew that though he had a hold of the rudder, the wind guided his path.

Joel Montgomery

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